Oil Painting
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the Craft Parlor
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So far, I can...
Batik, Code websites, Collage, Cook, Crate, Crochet, Draw, Dye, Embroider, Knit, Linocut, Make candles, Make soap, Model, Sculpt, Sew, Silkscreen, Solder, Photograph, Print, Produce films, Weld, Write...
New review! The Midwest Book Review Children's Bookwatch has this to say:
"Growing up brings a lot of new things including new responsibilities, new privileges and new superpowers? ...Gathering Grace is very highly recommended to young adult fantasy readers everywhere."
So what are you waiting for? Go buy a copy right now!
New WordPress blog! As of 8/14/08, I've started waxing writerly on topics such as why SF?, why do teenage girls love vampire stories?, and updating the blog-reading public about my works-in-progress. Check it out at torreybird.wordpress.com!
Gathering Grace released as of 7/1/08! Read this new young adult novel about a superhero and her arch-nemesis of 50 years, and the granddaughter they have in common. Check it out on Amazon.Com or on the book's website: GatheringGraceBook.com.
Writing Samples:

Excerpt from Gathering Grace
World Traveler

Research of a Heat and Temperature Curriculum
Marginalization of Teens...

Grandmothers House
The Fire and the Ice

Gathering Grace
Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc.
Review Grace on Amazon.com
National Novel Writing Month
With degrees in physics and education, Torrey taught high-school science for nine years.
Classroom Resources
Now that I've spent so much time with chemistry, it's time I started to use it!
Northwest Pyrotechnic Arts Association